Our Prostate Cancer Journeys

The diagnosis of prostate cancer comes as a severe shock, not only to the man himself but also to his immediate family and particularly his wife or partner. 

Treatment decisions will have to be made and, initially lacking knowledge of the problem, he can feel very lonely and even despondent. 

A Prostate Cancer Support Group can be of great assistance at this time, providing both consumer-level advice on various treatment options and encouragement to see that there is life after prostate cancer.

To this end, some of our members have agreed to share their stories. 

We hope they are of assistance. 

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer are constantly progressing. Some of the information below may be dated, and not reflective of current standards of treatment. Furthermore, every man has different circumstances and different experiences with their chosen treatment. These stories are for general information only.


G – Briar Hill

D – Greensborough

P – Diamond Creek

R – Essendon