Information about other men’s experiences of prostate cancer and treatments.

Someone to discuss my circumstances with.

General information about prostate cancer and Information & Support Groups

The Eltham Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group is a volunteer community group. We are part of a network of over 100 Prostate Cancer Support Groups around Australia and are proudly supported by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Cancer Council of Victoria. We welcome any man, his partner or family member to participate with the hope that their prostate cancer journey is made easier.

We can help:

  • Our attendees’ have wide range of experiences with different treatments can help you to better understand your treatment decision 
  • Addtionally, we invite health professionals to provide information and education directly at our meetings
  • We support one another in a relaxed, informal environment

If you would like to contact our group, please click here.

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Prostate Cancer is one of the worst Cancers that kill men or dramatically affect their lives. There are around 4,000 men in the North-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne that are living with a Prostate Cancer diagnosis and there are about 325 men a year diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in these Suburbs. With almost two years of Covid Lockdowns in Melbourne there will be many men now seeing their doctor for the first time and hearing the news about a possible Prostate Cancer diagnosis. Its fortunate that there is a Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group that meets in Eltham monthly. This Group has been serving men and their families in the area for almost 20 years. Check out its website at along with a resource video at that explains the benefits of attending a meeting. Meetings are held monthly in the CFA Community Hub at 909 Main Road Eltham and its next meeting will be on Monday 21st February at 7pm. If you know anyone that may benefit from attending a meeting please pass on this message. The Convenor of the Group, Peter can be contacted on 0468 315 156 if there are any questions. ... See MoreSee Less
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